What to do now that spring is around the corner?

Mon, Mar 05, 18 By Hadad Services

Pittsburgh Residential Cleaning

There are lots of chores we need to do around the home as warmer weather draws near.

  • Sprucing up the yard, changing furnace filters
  • Opening up windows and airing out the home
  • Maybe some painting or exterior repairs from winter’s harsh weather

Spring cleaning has always been a calendar driven project.

Some of these items are things we want to do ourselves and others could be done by a professional. It all depends on time and money.

What is your time worth and can you get the job done for what you consider a fair price, a fair exchange for the finished process.

Large painting jobs might be better handled by a pro. The time to do a large paint job and the possibility of falling off of a ladder come to mind.

One thing to consider while cleaning is your carpets and furniture. Upholstered furniture and your home’s carpet absorb odor and soils over winter. We walk off some soil coming into the home and push it down into the carpet as we walk through the home. Pets and their dander are trapped into our couches, chairs and carpets.

Regular vacuuming helps with these issues, but nothing comes close to a professional extraction method cleaning of these items.

Call your local cleaning pro for these jobs. Your home will feel cleaner, smell better, and your carpet and furniture will last longer.

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