Carpet, Upholstery & Hard Floor Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Regular, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning will remove dander, pet odors, and pet allergens from your home. It’s especially important if someone in your home has asthma or pet and environmental allergies. Your carpet—not the filter that’s attached to your furnace – is actually the largest air filter in your house, apartment, or business, so it needs to be cleaned professionally every six months to a year.

Hadad Services also cleans carpets at offices, retail spaces, and churches. Call Hadad Services today. We’ll help you keep your home and carpets clean.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Hadad Services steam cleans ceramic tile and grout. Grout is porous, and the sealer that’s usually applied will eventually wear away, leaving floors looking dirty. We use professional equipment, including a truck-mounted steam cleaner, and our trained technicians will clean your hard floor surface, then re-seal if necessary. Contact us today for large or small jobs at your home or business.

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