Summer Clean-Up

Thu, Jun 07, 18 By Hadad Services

Well, summer has finally arrived in western Pennsylvania, after months of bitter cold we can now get out and about enjoying the great outdoors.
This means bringing the outdoors in sometimes by tracking in some of what we walked through into our home. In addition, open windows, even with screens can allow some pollen and microscopic entities into our homes.

If we haven’t cleared the air, so to speak, in our homes since the weather broke, now is a perfect time to address our air quality.

Having a top to bottom scrub down of the home can include many things. One of the primary things to consider is changing the air filter in your forced air system, especially if you have central air that will be running. It will keep your air unit running at its most efficient as well as keeping excess dust and allergens out of the house. Having your ductwork cleaned is also wise to remove any buildup from the winter months.

Pressure washing exterior surfaces and cleaning gutters seem are also seasonal tasks that will pay for themselves as a little maintenance is always more cost-effective than repairs.

Enjoy your summer activities but don’t forget to make sure you address the little things that make your home a more pleasant place to be.

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