Construction Post Cleaning

Hadad Services performs post-construction cleaning for both commercial and residential spaces.

Construction on business, retail, and office spaces creates a dusty, dirty mess that’s difficult to properly clean and then feel good about welcoming customers and clients.

In homes, even if the construction area was nowhere near areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms, the dust travels throughout the house and still ends up everywhere. Hiring Hadad Services means that we’ll thoroughly clean and detail your rooms. In kitchens, we pull out the stove, burners, and pan, then clean the cupboards inside and out. We also give the same kind of attention to every room in your house.

If you feel like the construction dust is trailing after you or is always sitting on the shelves or floors, even after you’ve cleaned it yet again, give Hadad Services a call. Let us worry about the mess, so that you can concentrate on your business or enjoy your home.

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