Hoarder Restoration

Hadad Services understands how difficult it can be to clean out rooms and homes where hoarding is present. We know what needs to be thrown out and what can be salvaged. The person’s possessions are dear to them and we make every effort to save what we can. We can make a home or apartment healthy and safe again. Our hoarder service enables people to reclaim their space in their homes and gives them their life back.

Hadad Services will work alongside The Health Department, The Department of Aging, Nursing Home Relocation, and other agencies for the benefit of the person displaced by this disease.

Our hoarder cleaning services can include:

  • Acquiring a dumpster
  • Cleaning out a home, apartment, basement, bedrooms – any place that will require hoarder cleaning
  • Disinfectant cleaning of all surfaces to ensure a healthy environment for the owner’s return
  • Painting walls or trim

We also provide estate services for senior homes or apartments that will need to be cleaned out in order to sell the home or prepare the property for rental. Call Hadad Services today, and let us do all of the work.

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