Reviews & Testimonials

A thorough housecleaning for my 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home.
Two cleaners came to our home and performed a thorough cleaning of the entire house, even baseboards and the top of the fridge! They arrived on time, brought their own cleaning supplies/vacuums, etc. It took them about 4 hours (it’s a 2500 sq ft home), and they moved things that I don’t even move when I clean!!! I was very pleased with the service!

Cathy Brenner

“From painting to carpet cleaning, our family has used Hadad Services for a variety of projects at our home over the years. The price is always fair. But what’s most impressive is their attention to detail. Most people just want a contractor who does work like they’re doing the job on their own house. That’s the attitude Hadad uses to tackle each job.”

Chad & Amy Amond

“Rolo and Devin did an excellent job cleaning my carpets in the entire house. They went above and beyond taking care to do area rugs also. They were professional and very polite.”

Chad Urso

“Hadad’s response to my new construction cleaning needs at Advanced Auto Stores has been outstanding. Hadad goes the extra mile to make sure the job is done right!

Chris Angelucci, Tri River Construc

“We had Hadad of Pittsburgh in and they did our carpet cleaning. They did a good job and our carpet was bad. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and 3 kids. So you can imagine the stains we had. We will call them back again when we need them.”

Chuck B.

Hadad Services has been a strong and valued member of the Monroeville Area Chamber of Commerce since 2009. During their years of membership we have been able to refer their services to both the business and residential communities with confidence. The professionalism from their entire staff is unwavering; the quality of work delivered is outstanding and priced fairly within industry standards. As a Chamber we are honored to be able to work and network with Hadad Services..

Debbie Iszauk

I could not have been more pleased with the thorough and professional job done by Bob and Raul. My carpet is well-worn with some pet stains that have proved impossible to remove. These two men arrived on time and wasted no time pre-treating the most difficult stains and were protective of walls, corners and pets. They went over with me in detail what areas were to be cleaned and what furniture was to be moved before beginning the job. They pointed out the several “impossible” stains that I was aware of, and still worked diligently to minimize them. The house smelled lovely after they left and they supplied a bottle of stain removal for my use. I am most impressed with this company and will use them again without hesitation.

Diane Berman

“The painters and cleaners were excellent, thorough, and very professional. My office never looked and smelled that good in a long time. It was just as you said it would be, PROFESSIONAL.

Dr. Bob Corcetti

“..all the employees at Hadad Services were extremely polite and professional. Their efforts in painting over wallpaper, carpet installation, and cleaning paid off beyond belief. Every visit from family, friends, and neighbors results in them saying; “Wow this looks amazing!

Dustin & Lisa Helm

Hadad Services came over for complete house carpet cleaning. They came on time and did a beautiful job. We had no complaints.

John Lindenmulder

Before we moved into our 86 year old home. We had painting done in 2 bedrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen and powder room They did a great job. We also had carpet installed for the entire house. Had tile laid in our kitchen floor. What I liked is I made one call and everything was done in a very timely manor. This was important because we had to be out of our other house. When they were done with the work they sent professional cleaners to clean, all we had to do was move in. There was one person in charge who I dealt with and he dealt with the workers. So I did not have to make too many calls. The work was stress free and affordable.

Karen Edwards

Hadad performed a whole house rug cleaning. Hadad was courteous. They took great lengths to protect my property. They did a great job. I would definitely hire hadad again.

Karen Sunderland

The truth is, I never wonder or worry when I hire your company to do work for me. I know the job will be done right. Your people are conscientious and put their hearts into their work, and that’s what matters to me. Thanks Hadads

Kathy Safchick

I must give Hadad’s a 5 star rating. They go above and beyond every time. Immaculate attention to detail. I couldn’t ask for better service . . . . .and I am not easy to please.

Thank you Hadad’s. . . .you Rock. Love, Kathy, Uforia Salon

Kathy Safchik

I was very pleased with the two cleaning professionals who performed a whole house clean before my holiday party. They tackled my four bedroom and two bathrooms and my kitchen, dining, living and recreation rooms. The cleaning was beyond the scope of the average cleaning where woodwork, ledges, vents, sills and blinds are routinely bypassed. Member Comments: The ladies were professional and courteous. They worked hard and requested my approval before leaving. I am considering using their services on a monthly or more frequent basis.

Kim Kisner

Raul and Bob called ahead of time to tell me their est. time of arrival. They were very polite and professional asking me to walk them through the house to show them exactly what was to be done. They were able to identify the stains in my daughter’s room from when she had thrown up 5 years ago that we could never really get out before I even mentioned them! They used plastic corner protectors so their cords didn’t damage my walls!!! They were very considerate of where the carpet met the wood floors and immediately wiped up any over spray. They also applied a lemon scented deodorizer afterward in each area. The whole job took about an hour and a half to do 2 bedrooms, den, dining room, great room, hallway, and steps. I had moved all things I could like dining room chairs and floor lamps, etc prior but it wasn’t necessary as they would have done it. The only thing they would not move was large beds like my king or the piano. The boys were fantastic in all aspects!!! I will definitely have them back regardless of a special.

Linda Voytko

They cleaned my carpet and did some painting. I was very pleased. They were very professional, did what they said they would, and the price was very reasonable.

Linette Booker

I recently had my carpets cleaned by Hadad Services. The 2 guys that came to the house were very nice, professional and did a great job in a very timely manner. I was very pleased with the service!!

Lisa B.

They cleaned and stretched carpets, and they also did general cleaning for the house once we had everything moved out of the house. We were getting our house ready sell and they came highly recommended from our realtor. They did a fine job, and they were very good to work with it. Their pricing seemed reasonable for the effort they put in. They stayed on top of the project and they were very prompt in contacting me

Margaret Ryan

Carpet cleaning of 4 bedrooms, finished basement, two sets of stairs, and two area rugs.Two guys arrived exactly the time they were scheduled! They took a tour, asked about specific stains, then went to work. They would show me each time they had solved one of the stain problems. They got out stains that another company couldn’t get out! I had ink stamper stains, pet stains, and the worst was oil/grease stains, and they all came out!! Fabulous to work with, and great job after the fact!

Marilyn Adams

” I used to be a cleaning nut – everything had to be just perfect! Now that I’m running two businesses I don’t have the time to clean. I found Hadad Cleaning Services cleans to my perfect standards. They are wonderful and I refer them to everyone I know. You will not be disappointed!”

Melody F

Hadad Services came over to clean the carpet. The overall job went very well. The workers were courteous, considerate and conscientious. They worked diligently to complete their work and were very effective and efficient.

Michael & Cynthia Hauser

every inch of my first and second floor sparkled…including door frames, window sills, counters, bathrooms, every piece of furniture…it was the absolute best housecleaning i have ever had…the couple that did the work was awesome too.

they were on time, brought all their own stuff, were polite, efficient and extremely good. they worked well together and wanted me to let them know exactly what i wanted and they surpassed my expectations from the minute they walked in the door until they left a couple of hours later.

Nan Nicholls

“Six weeks of non-stop interior renovations were performed. Each man was excellent in their field, courteous, clean, non-smoking, and considerate professionals. What a delight it was to work with the “Hadad” crew!”

Richard & Debby Miller

I have a rental unit, and they’ve repaired a few things for me. The technicians are always prompt, and their prices are very fair. It’s been a good experience overall.

Sheldon Charles

“We have been using Hadad’s cleaning services regularly now for over three years. They are large enough to give you reliable service and small enough to provide you a personal contact to work with for any special needs. Hadads is easy to work with too when it comes to special one time cleaning proejcts or even special requests in how you want something to be cleaned. They are flexible and adjust according to your needs. My husband and I both work full time so trust is a very big deal and we have never had a single concern about that, ever. I highly recommend Hadads Services and am a very happy customer!”

Stacey & Joe Brodak

“Hadad is by far, the best company I have worked with in all my years of business. Whether an emergency need or an opportunity to save money, they are at the forefront of the industry. If it can get done, they will get it done – On time, with excellence and integrity.”

Wally Weber, Divisions Maintenance

The offer was for whole-house carpet cleaning. We chose to have only the traffic areas cleaned, so there was minimal furniture moving. We were told that the cleaners would move everything, bus as explained, we chose to not have the moving done.

The cleaning crew (2 guys) arrived within the two-hour timeframe that was promised, and cleaned the carpet in seven rooms, a hall, and carpeted steps. . They were efficient, professional, courteous, and friendly, and did an efficient cleaning of the needed areas.

They put plastic squares under any furniture legs that were wood, so the moisture wouldn’t bleed into the wood, which seemed like a smart thing to do. Along with the van-mounted cleaning system, they used a spray bottle of some sort of solvent that seemed to really work well on stubborn spots. We had spilled grape juice in one area, and I had used every solvent I could find at Home Depot – but the stain persisted. These guys got the stain out completely, and that really impressed us with their service.

Bottom line is that we were very, very pleased with the service and their staff. We would definitely recommend them.

Wayne Clifton

Hadad Services performed house cleaning which included main living areas, bathrooms and bedrooms.
The crew arrived on time with all necessary supplies. They explained what they were going to do and did an excellent job. It was completed in timely fashion and they kept me informed during the entire process.

Yolanda Frank