Senior & Estate Services

Hadad Services provides professional cleaning services for seniors and those who need assistance with estate clean outs.

Our senior services include:

  • Maid service
  • Cleanouts and trashouts
  • Estate services

Our maid services help seniors with weekly cleaning and disinfecting – sometimes it’s tidying up the kitchen and bathrooms, and other times it’s removing clutter from rooms that residents no longer have the ability to clean or reach. We work with seniors and their families to determine what they would like to have completed every week or month, and we also help with one-time cleaning projects.

Estate Services

Hadad Services offers estate services. We often hear from adult children who would like their parents’ homes or apartments cleaned and painted.

We also clean out homes and apartments from start to finish for families who are preparing to sell or turn over the space to a property manager or landlord. We can provide dumpsters, if necessary, and completely clean out (sometimes called a “trash out”) a home, followed by painting or other improvements in order to prepare the space for sale, lease, or rent.

If you need help to clean a senior’s room, apartment, or entire home, call Hadad Services. We’re compassionate, and we do what others don’t. Let us help with regularly scheduled cleaning, or large projects that are too big to tackle or that would take too much time. Give us a call today.

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