Linda Voytko

Wed, Feb 21, 18 By Hidad Services

Raul and Bob called ahead of time to tell me their est. time of arrival. They were very polite and professional asking me to walk them through the house to show them exactly what was to be done. They were able to identify the stains in my daughter’s room from when she had thrown up 5 years ago that we could never really get out before I even mentioned them! They used plastic corner protectors so their cords didn’t damage my walls!!! They were very considerate of where the carpet met the wood floors and immediately wiped up any over spray. They also applied a lemon scented deodorizer afterward in each area. The whole job took about an hour and a half to do 2 bedrooms, den, dining room, great room, hallway, and steps. I had moved all things I could like dining room chairs and floor lamps, etc prior but it wasn’t necessary as they would have done it. The only thing they would not move was large beds like my king or the piano. The boys were fantastic in all aspects!!! I will definitely have them back regardless of a special.

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