Wayne Clifton

Wed, Feb 21, 18 By Hidad Services

The offer was for whole-house carpet cleaning. We chose to have only the traffic areas cleaned, so there was minimal furniture moving. We were told that the cleaners would move everything, bus as explained, we chose to not have the moving done.

The cleaning crew (2 guys) arrived within the two-hour timeframe that was promised, and cleaned the carpet in seven rooms, a hall, and carpeted steps. . They were efficient, professional, courteous, and friendly, and did an efficient cleaning of the needed areas.

They put plastic squares under any furniture legs that were wood, so the moisture wouldn’t bleed into the wood, which seemed like a smart thing to do. Along with the van-mounted cleaning system, they used a spray bottle of some sort of solvent that seemed to really work well on stubborn spots. We had spilled grape juice in one area, and I had used every solvent I could find at Home Depot – but the stain persisted. These guys got the stain out completely, and that really impressed us with their service.

Bottom line is that we were very, very pleased with the service and their staff. We would definitely recommend them.

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